Providing Psychological Assistance for Children with Pain Problems

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of North Central Florida

Our Gainesville office is conveniently located near the Millhoper shopping area off of NW 16th Ave in Gainesville across from the Community Theatre and near the Fresh Market and Publix

Clinical and Health Psychologists provide a variety of serives to adults and children. Many train in health centers and become very familiar with a variety of childhood medical conditions which can result in pain, medical compliance problems, behavioral difficulties, depression, anxiety and even cognitive difficulties.

Learning to cope with pain while minimizing use of medication which can interfere with learning or raise the risk of addiction is often an important goal. Relaxation training and other management techniques can be adapted to children. Some of these strategies are also helpful to use in childhood anxiety disorders.

Children may suffer pain from medical conditions such as childhood arthritis, developmental spinal or bony deformities, sports injuries, cancer, and traumatic injuries. Children suffering from traumatic injuries may also suffer from childhood post-traumatic stress disorder.

Children who suffer from significant medical conditions in childhood and adolescence may be at risk for developing somatoform disorders. These may include hypochondriasis, conversion disorders and other disorders which involve psychological factors.  These are often treated by a child psychotherapist.

Maladaptive patterns of overprotection by parents and symptom dependency can develop. This can undermine a child's social development and independence. Family therapy is sometimes indicated.