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Young children are often at risk for falls and sometimes for injuries caused by fire, animal bites, chemicals, and unfortunately sometimes by violence.

Young children sometimes suffer injuries as pedestrians or motor vehicle passengers. Motor vehicle accidents become a leading cause of bodily injury, traumatic brain injury, and death for late adolescents and early adults.

In addition to management of physical injuries and pain, children often show psychological reactions to traumatic injuries. This may range from depression, to anxiety and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In some cases behavioral difficulties can emerge.

Recognition of psychological reactions to trauma can be more difficult in children than in adults. Depression may manifest by withdrawal, sometimes anger and irritability and even in destructive behaviors. Children with anxiety reactions may become excessively dependent, fearful to leave parents, overly concerned with their own physical or medical well-being, and sometimes concerned something will happen to caregivers.

In addition to nightmares, childhood PTSD may involve relapses of bedwetting or regression into more immature behaviors. School performance sometimes deteriorates.

Assessment of childhood and adolescent traumatic reactions has become more sophisticated. Personality tests with validity measures include the Adolescent Personality Scales (APS) and the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory - Adolescent Version (MMPI-A). Validity scales have also been developed for inventories of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder specifically appropriate for children and adolescents such as the Trauma Symptom Inventory. There are even some norms developed to assess validity and help rule out malingering for some tests of neuropsychological or memory performance.

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